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mobile hospital payments


Client: NavisHealth, A Digital Health IT Company

My Role: Sole UX Designer

Responsibilites: User Research, Competitive Analysis, Storyboarding & User Persona, Wireframing, User Flows, Prototyping, User Testing, High Fidelity, Implementation

Scope: Adding an additional feature within an existing app

Duration: 1 Month

the process

NavisHealth had tasked me with rolling out a new feature within their existing mobile product, Engage.  In a nutshell, Engage is a platform that allows patients to view their electronic medical record, taken from the hospital.  The new feature I was to design was intended to increase payments received a patient's hospital by giving them another avenue for payment.

Before heading into design, I wanted to investigate whether or not this feature would be useful for our users.  Due to limited access to our actual users, I began by interviewing people similar to the demographic of Engage users.  Among the 13 people interviewed, I found that security was a big factor in determining the method for payment.  A large portion of people would not choose to pay something "as important as a hospital bill" through their mobile device.  Stakeholders still found it necessary to go forward with the feature so I began to dive deeper into research.

After combing over reports and statistics regarding the main demographic of mobile payments, I found that the target demographic of the Engage app and the demographic of mobile payments overlapped slightly.  From this, I was able to create a persona of potential users and a main use case on which to base my design.


the user


the use case

After looking into other mobile payment platforms, I began sketching out a high-level user flow to better visualize how the user would access this feature within our app.  Stakeholders already had an idea of where they wanted the feature to live.  After assessing all other possibilities, user needs, and taking into account the MVP of the app, we compromised on the location of the feature.

According to stakeholders, the only way we could integrate a payment platform was through using Paypal meaning the design would end with exiting the Engage app and launching Paypal.  Additionally, payments had to be submitted one bill at a time.  This didn't prove to be the best user experience but given our perimeters and projected usage by actual users, I decided that the best way to compromise was to create the shortest route from bill notification to payment initialization. 


the outcome

Through user testing, we found that because users had to deal with each bill separately, the bills needed to be viewed separately to prevent confusion of which bill was being paid.  We also labeled the button "Pay with Paypal" to notify users that Paypal was the only payment option.