embark labs

kid's after-school program teaching critical thinking through the frameworks of computer science


My Role: UX/UI Design, User Research & Testing, Personas, and Storyboard, Wireframes

Teammates: Jessica, Van, Devon

Duration: 2 Weeks

the process

My team was tasked with designing the foundation of an online platform for the early-stage startup, Embark Labs.  After the initial meeting with the client, we narrowed the project scope down to something that would satisfy user needs and business goals.  

When the Embark Labs course is over, students hold a "gallery walk" where projects are displayed on personal computers.  Projects are stored within individual online accounts on a multitude of platforms.

embark competitive analysis

After conducting on-site interviews with instructors, parents, and current students, we realized that a project gallery was only one piece of the puzzle.  What really set Embark Labs apart was reinforcing the idea of identity as an individual and as a member of the Embark community.

post its

How do we translate the in-class experience onto a digital platform?

We began our design process by creating personas and customer journey maps to define our main use case.  This helped us figure out who, how, when, and where users were going to be viewing student work. 


to login or not to login?

For us, a huge question was regarding security and privacy.  How do we establish a secure yet collaborative community?

paper sketches

our solution

After rounds of user testing and reiteration, we created a secure platform where projects can be aggregated from different sources, in one central location.  By utilizing an email used for class registration, we could bypass online login while maintaining security.  By displaying all classmates' profiles, the idea of community is reinforced.