connecting and competing through mobile applications


Project Scope: Visual Design, 2 Screens

Duration: 1 Week

I was given 1 week to create a splash page and a menu screen from a wireframe as my application for a visual design position at Strava.

the process

I started my process with user research; I talked to current and prospective users to gain understanding of what the MVP of the app was, what mattered most, and use cases in which my design will be utilized.

I digitized my notebook sketches so I could further narrow down my design concept and refine on it.

After creating the icons for the UI, I got to working with color and the layout.  I felt like creating my own icons was the best way to visually communicate the items on the menu screen.

evolution of the menu

After seeking critique on my designs and reiterating on the strongest concept, I began to refine.

I decided to use the Strava logo as the "Home" button to save on space and redundancy and played around with line width, size, and grouping.  

evolution of splash screen

After more critique on my designs, I reiterated on my strongest concept.  I drew inspiration from Strava's website, brand color, and my personal experiences with biking.


This is where I landed: