true spirit

a school uniform company

My Role: Concept, UI/UX Design, User Research & Testing

Duration: 2 Weeks

I was tasked with designing an e-commerce site for the uniform company, True Spirit.  My initial research on competitors and private schools helped me define a main use case and guided my design process.

buying school uniforms is a confusing and time-consuming experience

how do we help parents checkout quickly and confidently?

I interviewed several parents and conducted competitive analysis to gain insight to the industry and user pain points.

user story
There’s so much stuff on the page, I already forgot what I’m doing!
I only have time during my lunch break to buy uniforms.

how do we simplify the shopping process?

After rounds of user testing, I was able to validate my design assumptions and reiterate on multiple user flows.


my solution

By selling non-school specific uniform basics and incorporating popup windows for the shopping cart and product details, my design reduces visual clutter and reduces the loading time of new pages.